Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm Squirrelly No Really

Was it this morning that I was gloating about my backyard and all the wildlife that comes to visit me? Yes I was saying how lucky I am to live among the wild creatures of the Great North. Well the damn squirrels must have been reading my mail!!! They have moved into my walls, it is a real creepy feeling to have creatures walking around in walls having a party while I'm trying to sleep. This arrangement is not going to work feelers. They are probably going to stay up all night since they are nocturnal animals. God, I think it is a whole family, noooooooooo pleeeeease tomorrow I will blast some hip hop into their room and see how they like it. This I cannot tolerate sorry little squirrels but I'm going to have to get midlevel on your little asses.

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