Monday, May 15, 2006

I've Been In Charlotte N.C.

I have been in Charlotte N.C. visiting my daughter, son in law and my beautiful extra special granddaughter. Here we are:
If there are any slums I did not see it, Charlotte is a very prosperous city the banking industry dominates. I was very impressed by all the big and small churches the old brick buildings, magnolia trees and friendly folk (I was mam-ed to death). I went to the Mint Museum my favorite painting was the Black Madonna of Lima, which was on loan from the museum in New Orleans. Because no photography was allowed I spent about 45 minutes sketching her.

I got a new hair do, saw Paula Poundstone, tasted some Charlotte "Uptown" night life, saw street performers brake dance(cool),went to a meeting, bought tons of stuff for everyone epically me, visited a cemetary, got lost... My daughter would not let me pay for anything!!! And I'm not complaining either. It was a good vacation and it was wonderful to see my daughters little family and see her being a wonderful mom doing it all so well family, friends, and career. Yes I'm proud...

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