Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mona Lisa and the Da Vinci Code

This is my personal rendition of Mona Lisa. Shes cross eyed I know, maby that is what I get for plagerizing, shes a public icon so I can copy if I want. Whos going to sue?
Tonight is the big hoopla in Caines with the opening of the DaVinci Code. I read the book awhile ago. Every other person in the airports was reading it. It was a pretty good read full of action, mystery; sex all the things we love. It is a good book not a great book..
But since we are talking about it…I have always felt deep down inside that we are not given the full story about Jesus Christ and his time on earth. We have been handed a partial gospel the New Testament which was butchered along time ago and then told not to add to the teachings. I have a hard time accepting the Jesus that was not a man in every way, in my imagination and heart he did deeply love Mary Magdalene they had loving sexual relations perhaps they were not married. There is evidence enough in the gospels to suggest how close they were; she washed his feet, stayed at the cross to the end. Why this was all denied, distorted, and hidden? Why were the disciples jealous?
I am glad that the mystery of Jesus is coming alive again that there is a debate among people. I’m glad that the Catholic Church is pissed it’s about time that some of their closet doors are opened and the skeltons literally came marching out.
I created a requietory to Mary Magdalene years ago.

‘From whom seven devils had gone out’

Perhaps we have met this woman or seen her from a distance. Then as today a young woman who was rich, beautiful and fascinating could do anything that she pleased, with the assurance of being admired by well wishers attracted by her charms. Jesus accepted the homage of this sinful woman who kissed his feet in a surge of repentance, bathed them in her tears, anointed them with a precious perfume, and wiped them with her beautiful hair.
On Calvary she was among the tiny group of the faithful at the foot of the cross. She was present at the burial. She was the last to leave the tomb, and the first to run back to it on Easter morning. And the first apparition of the risen Christ was to her.
And so Mary Magdalene was made for love and never understood anything but love, trips through the pages of the gospel with a lively step, her hands laden with perfumes, running from banquets to gardens, even to the doors of Paradise, where she beckons to all as a messenger of love.


Elise Tomlinson said...

I didn't read your whole comment tonight because I've had a copy of the DaVinci code for over a year and I'm only now starting to read it. Of course, all the movie critics spoiled the plot for me in a way by saying it's about jesus getting married and having kids...I'm going to read it anyway though.

Judy V. said...

Thanks Elise, just see the movie