Friday, June 09, 2006

Arlo Guthrie and the Salmon on Parade in Anchorage

Last night my hubby me and some friends Mel and Rose went to see Arlo Guthrie and Family in Concert. We ate hot dogs from the street vendor and walked around downtown for a spell before it started. I took pictures of the Salmon on Parade. The IBEW calls for artists to submit their ideas then they are given a form to create their masterpiece. They are displaied all over downtown Anchorage, people vote on their favorite and then in the fall they are auctioned off for charity. I wanted to enter but missed the call for artists totally. My idea was a salmon covered with encaustic wax. I would make it look so real you would want to eat it! But just look at these other creative ideas.

Roe Salmon the name tag was missing so I can't give the artist credit.

Year of The Dog Salmon by Jenifer Cameron

Copper Salmon by Joe Friday

Arlo Guthries show was great! and yes, he sang Alices Restaurant. His music and message of peace from the 60s and the Viet Nam era is once again relevant with this Gulf War. He said and I paraphrase, "If we lived in a perfect world where everyone was fed, warm, there were no floods, and we all got along in peace and harmony, it would be pretty hard to make a difference. But since we do not, a person dosen't really need to try very hard to make a difference."
That is really worth considering hummmmmmmmm even better do something good today for someone else, Love and Peace.


Lynn said...

Hello Judy,

Your blog is interesting. A lovely way to add just a little bit more art and beauty into our lives, along with a great account of your life.

I wish to invite you to participate in an online forum for International Webloggers Day, June 14th, 2006.

On my blog you will find an outline for the forum, and two links for registration for International Webloggers Day. One link to register your blog on the participants list, and one to register to participate in the forum.

Lynn Tucker

Judy V. said...

Thanks Lynn,
I will check it out.