Saturday, June 03, 2006

First Friday Art Walk In Anchorage

The only two places that I visited on the First Friday Art Walk were Pat Taggemeyer at a Novel View", and Chris Wakefields show at the Artic Rose Gallery". We had a great conversation about all about all things art. I simply love Chris' art it is bright, colorful and individualistic. Even though Chris describes his art as "eye candy" these two new pieces seem to be showing humans encroaching on the animals territory. The population is rapidly increasing in Alaska and saddly we are crowding the animals "worlds colliding". It also seems to remind us animals speak their own language and care little for humans unless we interfere with their purpose. These paintigs say quite a bit to me.
The raven is eating berries next to a police line and left over Christmas ornaments.
This one is cool! I think the man went fishing late fall, got his hook snagged on a branch, fell in, hit his head, and drown. Before anyone know he was missing the lake froze. Now its spring and the lake is thawing the animals are coming back and he has become blue fish food.

Wakefield Arts" Chris Wakefield says about his art “My art is about pushing color to the limit, about making people smile. I don’t have some deep philosophical meaning behind my work. I want my art to make people happy. It’s candy for the eyes. Period.”

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