Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's Almost Summer Solstice

I have a personal tradition up here in Alaska. On the shortest day of the year I spend the day in my pajamas hunkered down reading, looking at movies, reflecting, stoking the fire, basically hibernating like a bear. And on the longest day of the year I stay up all night...............feel free to imagine..........................
Early on in my Alaskan adventure I noticed when it’s dark and cold I love to just stay home close to a warm fire expending a little energy. But come June 21st I am absolutely manic (and I love it)! It's good to be bi-polar, ha ha I crack my self up get it BI-POLAR/Alaska.
During this time I have an abundance of energy and my creative juices are flowing too.
I painted the Old Fashioned Girl recently. Please let me know what you think the antique frame came from an antique shop in Waxhaw, North Carolnia. I got the frame first and waited for inspiration. The beautiful girl came next from an antique post card.

In my messy shed I found the perfect frame for my Angel Gabriel, The frame was plastic so I painted it ivory and added faux gold leaf (very shabby chic don't you think). Perfect, Gabriel deserved a wonderful frame.

Maby I should have been in bed when I painted my Gothic Girl but she was screaming to come out.

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