Friday, June 23, 2006

The Loons of the Lake and The Fool

The loons are the proud parents of two new chicks. They are so unbelievably cute they are not even 4" long,little black puffs of feathers, it is so dear the way they ride on their parents back while one fishes and feeds them. I will post a photograph just as soon as I get one I haven't wanted to disturbe thier little family with my picture taking,(unlike the papparrozis (sp) I will respect their privacy at this delicate time).

Here is my latest work a Scaramouch, harlequin, jester,or fool what ever you want to call him.

God gave them wisdom that have it; and those that are fools, let them use their talents. Twelfth Night, act I, scene v. Shakespheare

I've been inspired to paint the fool. In the Tarot deck the Fool or simpleton could be seen as the sin eater, like today’s comedians, the Fool has been mocked and scorned. On the one hand and has become a vehicle for many profound ironies. In Shakespeare, it is the Fool who speaks the most profound truth. In the game all other cards are in competiton with each other but the fool is outside the game and the usual rules. In every hand he appears once somewhere unpredictably, never taking anything never being taken. He just is.... total humility bestows invulnerability. My Fool dances in the clouds totally happy and carefree juggling his balls. LOL

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