Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Fine Art of Buying Art

I just read an article in the Sunday Anchorage Daily News The Fine Art of Buying Art. The article contained some good informations and some quoteable quotes from some local artists, art connisoures and critics alike.

The poor buy clothes that wear out or art that lasts forever. -critic Neal Patterson"

"I think we all want to collect and possess beauty. Human beings long to create a nest that says, "This is who I am." -Cammie Walker

"One should consider buying a piece of art only, When you cannn't get it out of your head." - Wyne

Only original works can give us the things we come to art for in the first place a glimpse "into the work itself,into the mind and perspective of the artist, into the soul of the viewer, into the world or a combination of all."_Wyne

A piece has to have the power to move, to disturb, to make you get up and do something -Bruce Farnsworth

"As one collects art, one embraces charisma of the unique." "The art you should collect has an energy, a search for meaning that transfers from the image, like a code or sheet music, through form and mark, to the viewer or collector-Asia Freeman, artist and director of Homers Bunnell Street Galley.

Now for my own quote: "I love exploring the great mystery,landscapes, dream imagery, icons, poetry, angels, whatever captures my curiosity.
I create for the joy it brings others and myself."

"My art is my dreams, my imagination, my skew on the world.
It's my attempt to communicate with you. I hope my art brings you joy." Judy Vars


The Lone Beader said...

Great article. Thanks for sharing:)

Judy V. said...

Oh, thank you for logging on to my blog. I looked at some of your beadwork. You are so taltentd I would love to own one of your cool bead works of art.
ps I'm on ebay also
username cabinfeverinalaska