Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Family Pedigree or My Blood is Blue

Last night my son and me went on a journey through our family history, it started with the question what am I? (meaning what blood runs through my veins) http:// was a fascinating trip back through time. For example on my mothers side of the family there is great,great,great,great,grandpa William Griffith Born: abt 1445 of Pehryhn Castle, Caernavonshire, Wales Died: 1505-1506 This is Penryhn Castle

or John Phylips (Sir Knight) Born: 1502 of Picton Castle, Pembroke, Whales.

we have two family castles in Wales. I searched back as far as 0314 A.D. a person named TEGID in North Wales. Perhaps the most beautiful natural lake in Wales was named after him.
I found out my name Judith Abagail is the name of my great, great grandmother and the name Judith was passed through the generations all the way to 1402 Middlesex, England. We learned that our ancestors have been in America since 1600s WOW. I learned that they were a part of early Mormon history. Living in Nauvoo, Illinois and they were stranded in Winter Quarters on their trip west to SLC. Imaging who your dead relations are and how they lived is so satisfying. I think my relatives were celts and druids and later Christians. We determined that at least on my mother’s side of the family we are English, Scottish, Welch, Prussian and German. As my grandmother told me when I was a little girl "Judy, you are the dukes blend" took on a whole new meaning. Help I'm lost in family history and can't get out.

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