Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dog Days in Houston, Alaska

It’s just another beautiful day in paradise.

But yesterday my daughters dog Mila got attacked by two dogs from one street over. Nikki is in the kitchen getting her kids some breakfast when she hears a blood curdling yelp, she looks out and sees two dogs sniffing around looking nonchalant like nothing has happened, when she opened the front door her dog just fell into the house mortally wounded.
They took her to the vet for stitches but it was much worse than that they had thought the dogs had ripped into her gut she needed an operation to stitch everything up, she stayed overnight. We are going to pick her up in a few minutes.

There is an upside to this story Nick (my son-in-law) and Brother Mike went over to talk to the owner of these dogs and he was a stand up guy and gave them a check for $300.00 to help with the vet bills. Mila is 11 years old and still thinks she is tough but she will definitely be laid up for awhile.

Here is her belly she is doing pretty good considering some dogs tried to gut her just like an antelope. The Vet said that that is the way most injuries look when two or more dogs attack they go for the belly. Other peoples Dogs, what a pain in the ass and it begs the question what would happen if the got it into their doggy brains to attack a child. Cancel, cancel, cancel. Thats what I say whenever I want to retract anything that the universe might overhear. Oh, and that guys check is not good.


Elise Tomlinson said...

Oh!!!! Judy, how very horrible. My heart goes out to your poor poochy!...It was good that the other owner paid for part of the vet bill, though I doubt it was sufficient at all and probably only did so because if you called animal control they would probably put his dogs down. I know that sounds heartless but as you said, if they'd attack your dog...

I hope things end up being OK for all envolved!

Judy V. said...

Thanks Elise, we will see.