Thursday, August 31, 2006

Encaustic Workshop in Girdwood

This last weekend I attended an other encaustic workshop in Girdwood, Ak. It was taught by Danielle B. Correia from R&F Paints check it out for some varied encaustic art and workshop info. The class was small so we had a good time swapping each others photo copies, equipment and ideas
There was Sylvia Benson from Mantomedi, Minnesota, she made one fantastic piece after another, I was jealous of her talent and how fast she could make art. Sheary Clough Suiter from Anchorage, AK she has an upcoming show the First Friday in September check out her images incredible!
Phillis Lasche from Livermore, CA (my old stomping grounds) she was California Cool, Linda C. Vollertsen from Anchorage runs a coffee shop "Organic Oasis" and makes the most beautiful jewelry, busy lady and tons of energy good artist.

Kenneth Hatch and Jennifer Esterl who is the acting president of G.C.V.A. since Jewels Wolfe resigned after two years of dedicated service. Dot Tideman was my working partner what a nut! I won't repeat the funny story about how she flushed her cell phone down Mary's toilet or helped me start my art on fire. We all thought it was quite haralious!
I'll post some photos soon. My big computer crashed and my little lap top just can't handle the job.


Sarah Tideman said...

I was doing a search on Google and wanted to see if I could find any of my grandmother's art work... but instead - this is the first thing I find. Sounds just like her.... :) Flushing her cell phone and lighting art on fire... I'll have stories forever about my 50 year old grandmother taking us to the top of Alyeska and reminding us to get our turns in as she left us at the top of the mountain. "Meet ya at the bottom for some hot chocolate" she'd say, and off she'd go... What a nut!

Judy Vars said...

You're lucky to have such a fun granny she's so cute and sexy.