Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Yin and Yang of Housecleaning

Yesterday, I started a cleaning frenzy which usually means sorting and shoving and stowing away. The day before I visited my packrat friend Cheryl"s yard sale she has several sheds just to store the overflow of her collecting next to her and my sister Patty, my packratism is tame.
This is my friends shed NOT MY LIVING ROOM honest
I collected some booty of my own from her yard sale including a neet little Feng Shui kit. My husband is having a golf tournament on Saturday and is having some of his freinds over later so I must make a good impression .... well my shabby chic decoratiang makes me very happy and I know that I should'nt care what others think but I do! I will indroduce a little Feng Shui - ie balance into our lives. Opps this corner is a little too YIN dead things and such

I need to create a little more YANG energy perhaps a vase of freshly cut wild flowers.

OH NO! my bookcase is bad feng shui they act like blades cutting at residents YIKES! the solution to hang a wind chime to soften the shar chi emimating from the shelves (but that would look stupid).

I put a big mirror toward the window and the lake. I don't know if its good or bad but it opens the room and makes seem even bigger. It should draw in prosperity and good luck Now I've avoided housework long enough so I will open the doors and windows, vacumme the corners, find the cobwebs sweep the air, get a bucket of warm sudsy water and begin scrubbing everything down. Then when everything is clean I will start collecting and getting canvasas made for my encaustic workshop a little birthday present to myself. Oh the satisfaction of a clean orderly home at least for a little while.

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