Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Artrain arrives in Palmer, Alaska

The Artrain arrived yesterday in Palmer, Alaska. I went to the opening reception it was a lovely affair with baroque music, good food and champagne, artists and art lovers all schmoozing together a very classy affair. I loved the native art one of my favorites was the Virgin of Guadalupe it was an icon, guilded with gold leaf and had tiny lights around the frame. All the things that I love. Sorry no pictures allowed and they don't want the images downloaded. Here is the link to Artrain
I met a fellow artist that I had talked to at the Forest Fair "Raven" is her name and here is her site I think that I will give her a call and strike up a freindship she seems so nice, she is a graphic artist, writes childrens books and goes to the schools to read for the kids and she loves ravens just like me.

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