Saturday, September 16, 2006

"She who must be obeyed"

While I am working the graveyard shift I'm reading an old classic "SHE" Do you know what it means to be hot potted? Or to be so beautiful that men go temproarly blind when they see you?
SHE is an old victorian novel written by Rider Haggard.
Anyway I have been staying up all night Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights caring for a dying man. So I sit up snack, read, sketch and the hours slip past. Its funny how the time is different when most people are sleeping. The work is very challengeing and I'm sure good for my soul. My body clock is all confused.... Today I slept from 10:00 am to 5:00pm I all f#%&*d up..............
I was excited to go and see the Artrain a Collection of Contemporary Native Art coming to Palmer, Ak. I have an invitation to the opening reception so I got ready and went, but when I arrived there were no cars! only to find out that its on the 27th not the 21st????
Have any of you done that? Would you admit it if you did?

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