Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gothic me for Halloween

Yes, I'm going to be GOTH for Halloween how exquisitely sublime.

  • A goth unashamedly celebrates the dark places of the human psyche, dark sensuality sweeping saddness, morbid fascination, forbidden love, the beauty of enduring pain.

  1. Age: None. Goths are timeless. ;-)
  2. Behaviour: broody, dramatic, sensual, given to excessive romanticism
  3. Climate: cool, damp, and dark.
  4. Diet: hors d'oeuvres, cigarettes
  5. Intelligence: strangely above average
  6. Favourite Colour: black
  7. Literature: 19th century romance and horror, Anne Rice, Neil Gaiman
  8. Major: Humanities: art, literature, psychology, etc.
  9. Music: gothic I LOVE the Transiberian Orchestra (does that count?)
  10. Natural Habitat: cemetaries, cafés, bookstores, libraries, laboratories, the internet, and the incredibly dark and evil gothic nightclub (spooky spooky) Tourists beware!
  11. Natural Range: Northern Europe and English-speaking countries. England and Germany are the two cultural focii.
  12. Occupation: artist, computer-related, literature-related, student, clerk
    Race: any (but being pale is a big plus)
  13. Religion: none, any
  14. Sexual Orientation: none, any, all

I have my insta Goth kit and I'm ready to go. I hope the temporary black dye washes out of my hair!

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