Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm staying up all night and reading..........

Out of curosity I read the latest work of Anne Rice, Christ the Lord Out of Egypt. First I must confess I loved it the cover was a Fayum portrait. I heard of Anne Rices conversion from Catholicism to agnostic back again to being a Catholic. I found her conversion fascinating since her other books the vampire chronicles scared the hell out of me literally. As usual for Anne Rice her book is historically flawlwss, We are taken to Christs young life with his Mother Mary, Joseph and a pack of other realitives just a big extended Jewish family working trades men and carpenters. Jesus is a young boy 6 to 8 years old and he is both Man and God and understandably a little confused at what mom and dad are not telling him. Read the book if you like Anne Rice and love Jesus. It's a fiction but she brillantly fills in the holes and gives you another perspective of Christ.
Check it out this site is her official web site and you get to here Avi Maira opera singer.

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