Thursday, November 09, 2006

One Door Closes and Another One Opens

Sunday my friend Dawn and I went to the
  • Snow City Cafe

  • to show our portfolios and get into a First Friday show 2007. I've been there twice before but I figure three is the charm and what is the worst that can happen they can reject me again. They did. They wanted art that was big and "read" across the room. I believe in being persistent but 3 nos are enough for me.

    Then my friend Carmen called me to say that the Expresso Cafe is looking for artists to have a show. Well when I showed her my work she loved it! She has seen my work at the Bagel Deli the famous Raven and Salmon. So I will be the featured artist at the Expresso Cafe in January. Wow! It's between Wall Mart and Chevrolet of Wasilla.

    A new friend Jessica visited my web-site the other day and said "it is magnificent!!" she said my bio reminds her or "rigorous honesty" I wonder what she meant since this is my bio photograph...ha ha ha LOL - its my head and some other hotties body. Its the body I had when I was a young hottie. Aren't I cute......... actually my titts are bigger otherwise its my body...if I worked out 4 hours everyday ate about 1700 calories everyday.....oh and maby turned the clock back about 20 years. But it's still my body in my dreams. I'm not kidding...really.

    Hey Michelle! my best friend in the whole wide world are you out know I love you more.........

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