Monday, December 11, 2006

I narrowly escaped hitting Bullwinkle tonight

Hitting a moose is one of my biggest fears. There is road kill all over the place and people with some very f----- up vehicles caused by an unfortunate encounter with a moose. Before I moved here 10 or so years ago, I used to go out at night running around, shopping, visiting, going to the movies, having fun with friends. Then when I moved to Alaska and there were no bright street lights on the highway, if it snowed the plow trucks would come sometime tomorrow. I got out of the habit of going out every night in the winter.
Tonight at about 5:00 p.m. it's already dark and I am going to get my son from practice. A great big bull moose ambled in front of my car, I'm doing about 60. If I put on my brakes I am going to slide into the beast anyway so I do some fancy driving and narrowly miss hitting Bullwinkle and just then another one stepped onto the road to I narrowly missed that one also.
Oh jeez! I almost wet my pants! but I'm fine.
I always drive with my seat belt and bright lights on in Alaska. I have toilet paper a coffee can, matches, cell phone, wool blanket a can of spam, flares, first aid kit and books on tape.
This one is smiling isnt he cute? NOT!