Monday, December 25, 2006

Madonna of Alaska

In the Anchorage Daily News 12/24/2006 there was an article titled Madonnas of Alaska.
Of course strictly speaking I am not an iconographer: an artist who creates icons, usually someone who is trained in a series of icon models and formulas that have been reproduced for centuries. Traditional iconographers have a series of "cartoons" they faithfully reproduce, which specify everything from tilt of the head to color scheme.

Since the earliest icons used beeswax I was inspired to create Mary and Jesus using encaustic beeswax. This painting is owned by Yoby Henthorne a discriminating collector of icons and art.


patti said...

Judy; what a great painting---how cool it is!!!!!!!!!!

patti said...

Judy; I came back to this painting again and am glad to see that you gave a description of the work. It deserves it! Do you know that I live down the street from R and F that where you get your paints? I take workshops there every so often but I don't have the set up at home for it. We have to talk more about this!