Sunday, December 03, 2006

Who was it that said "heal thyself"?

When I went to the doctor last week I got pissed because he left me sitting in the room for a half hour he didn't weigh me or take my blood pressure. I asked him for some skin medicine, anti depressants, migrane medicine and something to help me lose weight, he asked me if I eat more than twice a day, when I said yes of course I do, and he said (maybe that is your problem) How rude! He gave me a prescription for Zenecal $158.00 for a 30 day supply and he said I'll get a belly ache if I cheat, oh joy! I choose not to get them or the anti-depressants. I took my own blood pressure at the pharmacy and it was high. It seems like he should have checked it as a matter of course. I went to the doctor to get some help maybe a lecture or a pep talk not indifference and insults. It's true most doctors don't work for wellness and good health they just dispense expensive prescriptions and attitude.

I know instinctively and intellectually that pills are not the answer to what ails me but pulling myself up by my bootstraps and taking responsibility for my own health and well being is. So I decided to "heal thyself". Today is Sunday and it's the 9th day of my colon cleanse. OK I know it’s rude to talk about #2 so don't get me started. This process will take about 30 day’s total and costs about 50 bucks. If you believe that all disease begin in the colon and it really makes sense to me that clean pipes will make all the systems of the body work At peak efficiency. After a rough start I started feeling better. I exercised three times this week. Today I walked the dogs on the frozen lake and remembered to feel grateful for what I have. I watched The Secret on dvd great information and great motivation for "the first day of the rest of my life."


patti said...

Hi Judy, Patti here. Let me know how that colon cleanse goes. I have been thinking of doing one but I teach and don't know if I could handle running to the bathroom. (once I took too many senna pills...OUCH on that adventure!) Let me know when you get the zine, :) patti

patti said...

Judy; I wanted to leave a comment on your last post but I could not do so...You have me a chuckle with its title, so needed after my day yesterday (read blog) So hard to have good will towards some men.
But I will attempt hit, LOL.

Happy HOlidays and safe driving, Patti

patti said...

PS Did not proof the note before I sent it. Just waking up..sorry about the typos!

patti said...

JUDY; augh----do you have the new Beta version of blogger? I can't figure out how to post comments on your last several posts!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I would SO LOVE to REALLY write what is on my mind but I will end up divorced (My husband is essentially a nice man) and probably lose my teaching job LOLOL. But I get as edgy as I can and thanks for enjoying it. I am coming to visit you in my pants LOLOL cause I think we would have a hell of a time, in warm NY where I have not seen 1 flake of snow!!!!! xxpatti o