Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New and Improved Artist Statement

Artwork by
Judy Vars

My art has been described as eclectic, folk, interesting,
bizarre. I agree.. If something catches my attention for more than 5 minutes, then I want to paint it. I am a collector and a packrat and find the ridiculous and mundane fascinating.

I love oil painting but several years ago I discovered encaustic wax. This unusual medium has been around since
The Ancient Greeks The diversity and intensity of this type of medium captured my attention!
I have painted angels, icons, ravens, birch trees with encaustics. These are truly original-one-of-a-kind and due to the nature of the medium, cannot be duplicated.

I moved to Alaska with a dream to live in a cabin in the woods on a lake and paint my surroundings. I am blessed to have realized that dream. My art is my personal vision of the world through dreams and imagination. It is my mission to communicate this and bring joy to others.

I am available for commissions.
I charge by the square inch

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Judy V. said...

Thank you Patti, it is more concise and polished and alot less self effacing.