Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Is it darkest and coldest before the dawn? There is a silver lining in this cloud.

*************************Lorenzo de Medici*************************

I am feeling more encouraged today about my art business. Mary McCoy called me from Girdwood Center for The Visual Arts to tell me both of my paintings sold!
Lorenzo de Medici and Night Dreams.
A man named Cy called me today to arrange to buy something else from the Espresso Cafe. My show was successful on Saturday night I sold some art!
It seems that my hard work and persistence is paying off.
When I do the things I know will work. Why Am I so surprised when they do?
Meridith Vieira asked Madonna on the Today Show if she was surprised at her success?
Madonna said "not really, I've worked very hard." Yes, I'll admit it I love Madonna.

****************************Night Dreams****************************

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patti said...

Judy; I love Madonna too! It is proof that we CAN be successful women, and who cares what anyone thinks about what you do when you make that much money! LOL. I always admired her smarts. And her body for a woman our age!

I too have wondered why I am surprised when people like what I do! WHy do we feel we are not good enough for success?!

Congrats all the way around and keep manifesting success in your art.

hugs, Patti