Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I AM NOT A PACKRAT I am not a packrat, I am not a packrat

I love to collect ephemerah papers, cards, trinkets it is important to my art and about who I am. But lately I have been feeling claustrophobic and out of control. It’s a family disease packratizm. My Grandmother used to save everything she cut off the labels from the soup cans for me to paste in my scrapbook. She had a boxcar filled with everything she never threw away. It smelled like mothballs and mice.

New Years resolution to get organized: my office, my files, my closet, my art business, e-bay, spring yard sale, on and on. I started to panic then I got frozen not knowing where to start. I needed to call some friends to bring me back to earth. Dawn, my artist friend suggested I start by cleaning the space I will need to begin organizing. Brilliant! I will start with the biggest, ugliest frog my office then my studio. I checked out a video on being organized, bought a file box and files. It’s a start. This spring Peter will finish his garage that means his tools will be out of my studio and he will have his own space to carve. He carves with ivory, beautiful but it is dusty and smells like burning hair and gets onto everything.UGH

I took an online course from Alyson B Stanfield 2 years ago this was packed with all the info to run a successful art business. I will use the lessons and start again from where I am at right now today. There is a web site Fly Lady all about being organized and in control. (yea right)

I’m looking foreword to getting things clean and organized, I can do it and I can stick with it.
With resolve

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P.A. GIbbons said...

I chuckled when I read this because Larry and I are the same way. It is genetic and someday I will tell you the story about my two aunts.

What did I read...in a Feng Shui book. Throw/give away 27 items a day? That helps..assuming that you are not bringing IN 35!!! LOL.