Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three Reasons To Be Grateful Today

In the midst of my frantic reorganization of my office and studio there was a little reminder to be grateful. The dogs started to go nuts so I looked out the window and saw a cow moose and her 2 calves grazing outside my window.
This picture was taken through the glass window with frost on it.

Later she ambled across the lake stopping to listen and waiting for her young. After a while they followed mom across the lake.

I have not in previous years seen so many moose, maybe because of copious amounts of snow fall we are experiencing this year. I have an affection for these creatures they are so ungainly and large with there big silly faces. But I am slightly intimidated by them also. They cause car wrecks and if pissed off they can stomp all over you till you're dead. When my Joy was a young dog she got tough with a young moose, the dumb thing chased her onto my porch and almost into the cabin. After that she is more cautions and does not try to provoke a fight.

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