Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two Ways to Ward Off Cabin Fever

It’s January 13th and my Christmas tree is still up and I’m not taking it down anytime soon!
In Anchorage, Alaska they have a municipal program called “City of Lights” the downtown businesses decorate with white lights. This year Anchorage has gone too little halogen lights as to not waste electricity. This program was implemented to keep away cabin fever through the cold dark winters. Every year since I was a little girl when the tree comes down there is an empty feeling in the house. I just don’t want to go there today. My tree is so lovely its all white, gold, covered with my angels and it makes me smile. The funny thing is Peter my husband has not said "when are you going to take the tree down"?

My biggest and most important resolution is to lose weight and get healthy. According to the latest scientific discoveries, it’s so hard to change because it essentially takes rewiring my brain. I am just thinking about going for a walk and Benson my chocolate lab is getting all hyper like he is expecting to go for a walk. Dogs are so preceptive. Walking is a great way to get some of that good dopamine and ward of the winter blues.

I am going to use this blog to be accountable for my positive changes. Yes, I am going to take Benson for a lovely walk its 31.3 Fahrenheit that’s 60 degrees warmer than day before yesterday. I had a protein smoothie for breakfast. To rewire myself I should give myself something that gives me pleasure as an immediate reward. I was feeling so great I stopped taking my Prozac, Hum I’ll consider that on my walk what to reward myself with that will give me pleasure and a little hit of dopamine.

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