Sunday, January 28, 2007

Winged Skelton and E-Bay

There is someone who would love to give this encaustic painting a place to stay.
I spent all day taking pictures and making listings for e-bay. I am determined to make a success at selling. E-bay is one important avenue to my success. I tend to get lost on e-bay scoping out what others are doing and selling, how often, how much, and I ask myself why can’t I be a power seller and make a hundred grand on e-bay????? Why. Right now I am just making the listings I will need to get a schedule, and customers. IDEA! Why not contact all the people who have bought from me in the past and invite them back to my store....
Well it’s late and I didn’t make any phone calls today just plugged away on this computer. I'm still struggling to get orgazized.

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