Monday, January 15, 2007

"With a Little Luck" - Paul McCartney; "I should be so lucky" - Kylie Minogue; "Luck Be a Lady" - Frank Sinatra; "Lucky Star" - Madonna.

Tonight I was on my way to deliver my art piece Sentemintal Journey to the Vagabond Blues Cafe in Palmer when I bumped into a friend she said your name is up in lights!
I said: "no way" she said "way" so I went to the Espresso Cafe to look at their marquee and there I was up in lights.

I had never dreamed of my name being up in lights! WoW sometimes I even impress myself. I know that my good fortune is years of hard work, prayers and lots of luck.


patti said...

Keep the positive thoughts and mantras going. You are part of the divine, and your art is part of the divine. Think abundance and that you are worthy of it.


Dabs said...

Congrats on your name in lights! That must have been an awesome surprize. I didn't make your art show as you must know... thanks for the invite... the hubby and I were settled in by the fire and didn't want to leave.

I need to light a fire under my butt... I have been procrastinating for months now to start painting and I find everything else in the world to do. I am about to lock myself in my art room...:)

My email is for future chats, shows, etc. is

Congrats again!