Monday, January 29, 2007

Still E-Baying It

I managed to make a few more listings today. E-bay has changed the sell procedure so it was like the first time all over again, it took me an hour and forty five minutes to make one listing. This is a painting not done by me but found a couple of years ago at yard sale. It probably cost me 5 or 10 dollars. Shiela Hatchell painted it in L.A. in 1967. How it ended up in a yard sale would make a good story. Some of the art I find is pretty great some is childish or amateurish (but I love it all). I appreciate the effort it takes to put forth the energy to create something from scratch. Art is for the person creating as much as for others and we should not be too critical.

When I was in my 20s I painted a self portrait as I remember I had painted huge staring eyes and I brazenly painted a bust portrait me not wearing a bra. My Mormon landlord had a lustful fascination with the painting. It was one of the times when I left behind all my possessions and went out on an adventure. I have often wondered what happened to the self portrait of me. Am I in a basement somewhere, did a jealous wife or girlfriend destroy it or is it over someone’s mantel somewhere? I hope it is loved and being well taken care of.

As an artist I become attached to my creations. I need to keep them for awhile before I am ready to let go. Something like children. Someday I will start keeping track of there whereabouts of my art to create a prominence and added value.

Tomorrow I am going to get out and do something fun have an adventure. I set up an appointment to take photographs of my friend Dawns art for her show.

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