Sunday, February 18, 2007

Cummon if you can't laugh at yourself......or lowbrow art from Meadowlakes, AK

******This is old stuff to see my current blog entry on Sarah go to August 28th 2008 #####

When I tell people how to find my house, I say "turn right at the Dead Dog Saloon." This funny picture taking thing is out front of the Dead Dog and strictly for tourists and me when I'm in a silly mood. My hubby took this when we'd finished our errands today. He said,the funny thing is your boobs are really as big as that!
Ha Ha Thanks honey.

This does not apply to all Alaskans. Gov Murkowski is out and
Sarah Palin in! She is our newest Governor of Alaska, young, pretty, smart and shes playing with the good ole boys. You go girl.

She's so hot we got "Hot Governor" tee shirts. Pelosi is hot too! Did you notice all the color the ladies contributed to Bushes last "State of The State" address? Bye Bye blue suits - RED IS IN!

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Annie Aube said...

Yea, we met at the Depot. You can link to my blog if you like. I don't know how that is done though. It's nice to know that someone out there has seen my blog.