Friday, February 09, 2007

Don't Box Me In

I create box/assemblage art but please don’t put me in a box. Boxes fascinate me.
I love a book called Mister God this is Anna by Flynn. In the book they purchased a stack of dime store mirrors, arranged them inside a box, put a tiny hole in the box, a light and peeked in.
What was reflected was their eye to infinity.
I like look into the boxes people live in. Once while staying in a high-rise condo in Vancouver I looked into the other peoples boxes with binoculars. Am I weird?
On my one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek Professor Moriardy was created in a halo-deck (holographic images appearing real but reflected in a box) to out think “Data”. Moriardy got out of control. The crew of the Enterprise finally trapped him in a black halo-box that contained a universe. The idea is fascinating.

My computer is the ultimate box the whole wide world of art is at my fingertips. How did I ever do without it?
Under my bed you will find a God box stuffed with prayers.
I am obsessing about boxes and ignoring my guests.

Now its time to be social I have my friends grown kid Spencer here for a few days while he gets ready to fly to Southern Utah then to Austin Texas. He quit his job and plans to ride his bike again in races and play his music. He is not feeling boxed in anymore, now he is free to enjoy the world.

A phone call just now.....It's someone I barely know saying I touched her heart. How wonderful. It's humbling to know we/I don't live alone inside a box but am a part of a big wonderful world touching others in good ways.

Peace and Blessings to All

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