Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Heart Felt Valentines

Hearts on Valentines are more than an icon our hearts have a special energy and intelligence all their own. It is not too suprising to know that the human heart has an electromagnetic field 5,000 times greater than the brain! This field permeates every cell in our bodies and radiates into the world. WOW the heart has its own intelligence. We can rely on our hearts to make good decisions not based on what our brains are telling us. For Valentines Day lets honor our hearts and look just a little deeper into the gift our hearts have to offer that goes deeper than sentimentality. If you have become disheartened or if your heart is glad, my prayer is that we open our hearts to find the gifts of inner strength, gratitude, wisdom and joy.

While I am honoring our reliable friend the heart. I promise not to smoke or drink. I will exercise, keep my blood pressure and cholesterol low. I vow to decrease the size of my waist and lose weight.

Heart felt love and good heart health to everyone.