Friday, February 16, 2007

I Finally watched "An Inconvienent Truth"

Yes Mr. Gore I did vote for you in the last election and I did stand by in horror as George W. Bush was crowned king. I watched in disbelief as he convinced everyone it was a good idea to invade Iraq. I watched while he refused to take a moral stand and become involved in the Kyoto pact.
Yet Mr. Gore I have to say that as I watched your slide show. I went directly to despair the numbers are unbelievable yet there they are undisputable scientific facts.
Yet it is possible to reduce global temperatures in an individual, community, state and national level An Inconvenient Truth this is a place to start.

If you believe in prayer, then please pray that everyone including our government wake up and reverse global warming.

This was my birthday present last year from Peter. A plane ride in a small Cub over the Mat-Su Valley over my sweet humble home and to the Matanuska Glacier.
I even took the controls of the plane for about a minute. It was just like my dreams of flying. It felt so awesome to be up there soaring right through this crevasse looking at a millennium of ice.

Bye see ya on the flip side.

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