Thursday, February 01, 2007

We are all artists..

I have many phone conversations with my crazy friend Yoby and I say crazy in the most affectionate way. If she wasn't crazy to some degree then I just wouldn't be interested. She is a writer with an incredible mind, a lovely Southern drawl and she loves art and artists but just dosen't feel like she quite fits in (boy can I relate to that).

Too often art and the creative process is, by society standards and "Artists Definitions", a narrow view point of accepted or tangible constructs. The reality is we all have an artist’s side. Whether it’s painting, drawing, music, singing, dancing,cooking, interior designing, writing, appreciating the way the fireweed defines the neatness of the grass, and the ability to communicate with others.
When we appreciate the diversity of our creativity then we can expand our creativity in ways that we don’t understand.

Ten years ago when I took an intensive communication course. One of the exercises we were asked to do was write our lifes story we were given one hour, and then we were given 30 minutes to refine it, then 15 minutes then 10 then 5 then 1 minute. After distilling everything I had written, I came up with.

“Through my passion, power, and beauty I create a world where others recognize their unique spirits and all live in joy and a celebration of life”

Judy Vars

An overcast sky adds to the otherworldly effect of this snow sculpture at the 1999 Fur Rendezvous. Alas it melted in the Spring leaving just an impression.

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