Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All I can say is WoW

Yea baby it’s the first day of spring and my blog is one year old today. I don't know if anyone in cyberspace is actually interested in me, my art, my life in Alaska and reading about my inner thoughts. But I've been having fun swimming around in the blogger sphere. The journaling has been very good for me although there are many things that pass through my mind that I'd better not blog about. Why? She asks herself.

I am feeling better already from making the move to climb back from overwieghtness a to wellness. I am writing down every morsel of food that goes into my mouth 1,100 cal per day, walking, taking my vities, taking better care of my skin. By God I even went to an Alanon meeting today and the topic was self care. Well with my new improved attitude about my self care regime; I decided to visit my old friend Susan Powter. All I can say is WOW that’s one crazy chick and I mean crazy in a good way. She still has a mouth as big as all out-doors she can literally say anything she pleases and tell off anybody! her tirades are sprinkled with fuck yous and Jesus Christ. Check out her blog if you like Suzan Powter if you don't like her it will piss you off more. I personally love the broad her hair has gone from a butch haircut to these blond dreg locks and she has new tattoos and piles of black eye makeup. As out there as I want to be! Suzan I'd like to have one tenth of your balls.

This an encaustic I've been working on it needs more work, it’s for a contest at R&F Paints first place $1,000 dollars worth of encaustic paint. It needs to be postmarked by April 15th so got to get busy. My daughter Charmaine is coming from Charlotte, NC, April 24th and bringing my granddaughter Rhaya (Rhaya is just like her mom was so full of life and fun). I'm stressing over a sex toy party that I am having for Charmaine. My house needs a spring overhaul. I committed to do a show with Lindsay Shelly in June, assemblages, collages and encaustics. I've got to make some money. My taxes need to be filed.....


P.A. GIbbons said...

A toy party!!!! OH MY I WISH I WERE THERE!!!!!! The last one I went to was so much fun.

I love your blog, and keep writing. Yours is one of the few I read.

I did not know R and F was having a contest?! I wish I knew, though I have done very little in encaustics and figure the experts deserve to enter this.

I have been invited to do a show Make Love, not War, and am not sure if I can do the deadline. I am working on an auction piece for a benefit for a school and that HAS to be done before I leave for California on the 2nd.

Talk to you soon and keep up the writing!!! xxxpatti

Judy V. said...

It's so nice to get feedback know you read my blog thank you.
Check out R&F site or call them up and ask about the contest the deadline is April 15th. Yea I am worried about the competion. But I say no guts no glory.
Have fun in CA I am sooooo jealous.