Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Every Morning When I Wake Up I Experience an Exquisite Joy

Every Morning When I Wake Up I Experience an Exquisite Joy; The Joy of Being Salvador Dali."
Medium: Anthropomorphic Encaustic Wax tile
Dimensions: 6" X 6"
by Judy Vars
Salvador is one of my favorite narcissists and artists; this photo was taken with Salvador and seven nude women contorting as to make a skull. Oh how divine! And Mr. Dali was certainly exquisite with his pencil thin mustache and silver cane he was so refined, so brilliant and so elegant.
I keep this plaque in my bathroom next to my mirror it helps remind me that life is exquisite, in my joy, in my pain, in my sorrow and even when I’m sick, I awake with an exquisite joy the joy of being me.
In my family we like to tickle and torment each other and say “I’m going to give you exquisite pain.” It’s a family thing.

To be an artist you must have a high opinion of yourself, be eccentric, be flamboyant, be a master at your craft.

I believe that I am the savior of modern art, the only one who can sublimate, integrate, and rationalize, in an imperial manner and with beauty, all the revolutionary experiences of modern times.

-- Salvador Dalí


P.A. GIbbons said...

Ah, my family is constantly giving me exquisite pain. Does it ever end? I can't WAIT to get out of here for 5 days, and I am sure I will have some adventures to write about. I hope to keep online when I am there..even if the blogs are short. Hope you sell that Medici piece!! xxpatti

Judy V. said...

Exquisite pain never ends thats why its exquisite.
Have fun in San Fran! I lived there once on Judah street and on Glen View Drive in Twin Peaks district. Great place and great memories.