Thursday, March 29, 2007

$ I Love My Job Specially When I Make Money $

Today I met with my model at her place today just so I could get the body painted better. It's a little tricky because her face is only about 1/2" big but I managed with a tiny 00 brush to get a smile. Because it’s still wet there is a lot of shine and the ivy is the wrong color. I’m not finished with the painting yet but am getting closer.

While I was painting my cell rings and I grumble; it’s probably my husband or kids and this phone just being a short leash. But instead it was the Girdwood Gallery calling with a man at the gallery who wanted to take my painting home to show his wife, if she likes it he will call to activate his credit card if not return it tomorrow. Well it seemed like an odd request but I said sure why not test drive the art before you buy it. So unless his wife hates it I sold the Lorenzo De Medici, uh-huh-ya-uh-huh, uh-huh-ya-uh-huh.

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