Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Happy Place or Absinthe

Today I got up early and painted all day. It felt wonderful I just love getting lost in painting. I am working on this for a contest. I think I'll call it "My Happy Place" Still It's not quite finished but did you notice that I scrapped off the whole bottom and redid it so the perspective was consistent. I don't know what I was thinking?? I even made little flowers for the path out of the wax I scraped off. The lady and the room still needs to be finished. Then the next problem is how to photograph it to its best advantage.This photo sucks! The encaustic pieces are difficult to photograph anyway. My daughter suggested that I take quite a few pictures in all types of light indoors and outdoors and try to get an excellent picture. This is the before painting. I need my nude model Melanie to come back and pose as the photo I took is fuzzy.
I'm expermenting with a word to being folks to my blog. Absinthe or the green fairy is wormwood extract apparently Van Gough cut of his ear after imbibing way too much absinthe.

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wjcatnip said...

Hey Girl, Thanks for checking in to my blog, and thanks for your support.
And BTW, I'm loving the almost 3D look you're getting with these pieces!
Fabulous! Hope spring is on it's way to you!