Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Moon Magick

It’s the new moon and the sky is clear and cold. Tonight I will go outside and gaze at the heavens. There are so many stars to see in Alaska when the moon is new. The only place where I saw more stars was as a child laying on the summer grass at my grandma Wash's old house in Weston, Idaho. We could see the whole Milky Way, trillions of stars. I became convinced that we could not possibly be the only ones in this vast universe. Oh the magical feeling of awe at Gods creation and my tiny presence inside of it. Another time when I was a younger my family drove across the Nevada desert there were falling stars that night we counted hundreds my mom and me.

My mothers birthday is coming up soon she passed away almost 9 years ago of Lou Gerick’s disease she was only 67. It's impossible to look at nature and not hear my mother telling me to look at this and that teaching me how to appreciate the beauty all around me. We had the best view of the Rocky Mountains from my mom’s front porch. Last time she visited me in Alaska there was one of those harvest moons the ones that look like you could lasso it. We danced around like children chanting and pointing "the moon, the moon, the moon." Anytime I see a gorgeous sunset, a meadow of wild flowers, or Mother Nature just showing off, I can thank my mother for showing me how to love and appreciate the transient beauty of nature. Times like this I wish she was here with me pointing out the beautiful and subtle things she sees and discussing it with me.

Every time I notice something beautiful in nature she is always with me in my heart, but at certain times like the anniversary of her birth and her death I really miss her most of all.
Love Ya MoM


P.A. GIbbons said...

oh you made me cry.

Is that a photo you made, or a painting? xxxp

Judy V. said...

I borrowed it from a nubula site awesome huh.
Luv ya