Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm Having Too Much Fun

Besides still not having my taxes finished and postmarked, working all week giving 4th graders tests, cleaning my dirty house, chauffeuring a teen aged kid around and feeding my family. I managed to have a little fun... My new friend Jeanne Phillips, she opened Fire Flower Gallery in Wasilla. We went to Anchorage's First Friday Art Walk. I met an artist Julie Bourbeau at the Snow City Cafe. Her mixed media sculptures are laser cut from tin, with salmon, rock fish, frogs, whales and dragon flies. The art was so colorful, uplifting and the spiritual aspect is so direct and well thought out. Some real eye candy with purpose. Julie Borubeau Art and Design

We saw some interesting performance art at the Trailer Art Center in Mountain View. A naked man Vladimir from Romania the piece was titled Death and Rebirth. At the time I thought it was real stupid, the professor of art at Alaska State University standing in the corner facing the wall lecturing, a guy on a keyboard playing but with no music, a black and white picture of three guys looking up and two guys fussing with blocks of ice. They were measuring it, stacking it in different ways and looking at it with magnifying lenses. Then three women shrouded in black came in with a bowl performed some type of ceremony and then they poured this glop onto the ice and lit it on fire then the guys chopped the ice into little pieces. Then they covered themselves in white bags and were drug off stage??? Cut to black. Then Vlad was painted with blood or some concoction that looked like blood. Cut to black. Now a bathtub alone on the stage, suddenly he bursts through the wall (I think he hurt his nose when he crashed through the wall). Three women shrouded in white ceremoniously bathe the blood off him. They helped him from the bathtub and put a bow tie around his neck.

I was too busy saying “what the hell” to appreciate it. I asked Vladimir why he chose performance art and he said “Etz a more direct vay to communicate.” After going to sleep and dreaming of Romania, graveyards, discotheques and nude men. I woke up to know the meaning of the symbolism and found it quite interesting after all.


pEDRO said...

love the art work.

Judy V. said...

Thank you pEDRO

jbadalaska said...

just now seeing your blog thank you so much for the insightful words about my work...
it was a pleasure meeting you.
Julie bourbeau