Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Full Moon, Aurora and Spring Time in Alaska

Last night after dinner and a meeting, I visited
Dawn Diaz. She has been doing some exciting work with manifestation the things they talk about in “The Secret” she is really on a roll and up to so much good. She also just created three new energy paintings Oprah, Mattie Stepanek and Jesus in progress. They are the best to date.
I received a Reiki treatment from her. I'm grateful to get my sap moving again it felt wonderful. I am going to get a treatment twice a week for awhile. When she was working in my belly area and I felt a great deal of pressure and needed to remind myself to breathe into it, some things came up for me that I've been stuffing.

On the way home I saw the Northern Lights an opportunity to witness them is always so blessed. The curtain of lights move and change a visible wave of energy pulsating to its own rhythm, I took it as a God sign that my energies are always in flux moving with it’s own rhythm. As above so below, things are the way there supposed to be right now and in this moment yet constantly changing. The Eskimos believe that when Northern Lights sing that’s when the Sky Gods are having a game of soccer with a human skull. Its terrible to sing back, because you’ll catch their attention and they will be very pissed that you interfered with their game and use your head for the soccer ball.

Hubby got the trusses rolled on our new shop, garage, and studio so things are moving right along. Hey, Nikki Navarrette called just now and I sold my “Spring Tree” encaustic painting! Yes, that’s perfect and I’m sending her a check for her piece right now.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to email chat sometime... I loved your raven piece well, both if them. And would love to learn more about them. I'm a collage artist as well and love to see what other artist do. Thanks! couldn't find your email, but here's mine. I'm from LA....