Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's All Going To Hell In a Handbasket

How's it all going to end? Last night I started to write about the horror and sorrow from Virginia Tech massacre. I wanted to vent my anger and outrage. But I thought no, I should keep my blog positive and not get political or opinionated. Well WTF anyway. I just don't understand senseless violence and the extremes of the soul or psyche that can make some of us kill in senseless rampage in the name of Jesus, ALA, or any other supreme deity. I'm angry we occupy Iraq and that we had to meddle in the affairs of other countries and get our soldiers/children killed and wounded. How can we and they be so hateful to our brothers and sisters? I wonder why every one thinks their beliefs or religion is the only way to salvation and we kill each other to be right; Muslims vs. Christians, Sunnis vs. Shiites, Born Agains vs. Mormons. I start to worry about the ozone, global warming, gun control, domestic violence, crack babies and the honey bees. I rail against President Bush and blame him for everything. I begin to wonder am I being manipulated by the media is the media being manipulated by us. Last weeks dumb comment by Don Imas "Nappy Headed Whores" was at least a distraction we could laugh at and make jokes about how silly and stupid we are.

All I ask is for a little hope and some good news.
Is it too late to repent?

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