Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last Nights Fun Oh Yeah

No doubt I'm getting older but when did sex get so high-tech? The Slumber Party last night was a real hit. Charmaine (my daughter) was the representative for Slumber Parties (see my side bar) she told everyone that her goal tonight was to embarass me. She should have known better because I have been on this planet longer than her and seen more stuff and you cannot embarass me, I thought. We were all having a great time looking at the lotions, potions, and toys. When she goes into this speel about this little tube of cream and explaining that it contains benzadrine and you can keep in your first aid kit, put it on bug bites, cold sores etc. then she gets real animated and says its "Anal Ease" this picture is worth a thousand words. I suddenly fell flat out laughing so hard my cheeks hurt and turning red, I wasn't sure if it was a hot flash or embarrasment either way she had me.
Please don't flag me for objectionable content. Heres to great sex!

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