Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two New Works of Art

Alaska Raven Collage
Letter to DAD
Since I will be doing a show with Lindsay Shelly in June and the subject will be collage art and assemblages. I read Collage Discovery workshop by Claudine Hellmuth, what an interesting little read. It gave me dozens of ideas. Collage is such a fascinating way of expressing ones self. I did these two this afternoon. Monday I will be demonstrating encaustic wax for the Valley Fine Arts Association. Here is the e-flyer that Lindsay made and mailed to everyone.
How nice and complimentary..

You are invited to another 'Out of the Box" demonstration
by Judy Vars
Come see her fascinating way with wax.
She will be demonstrating a collage using encaustic wax.
Judy is always a delight to learn from so please come show your support and learn something new on
Monday, April 15th, 2007
at 5ish p.m.
Room 212 at Mat-Su College

I am feeling a little crazy because I got some flat black paint for my North living room wall. The idea is to have a perfect place to take pictures of my art. When its movie time we can pull the black shades in the living room and have an instant home theatre. At least thats the way I sold it to my husband. Hee hee hee,and he went for it!

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