Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Two paintings for your consideration.

I'm still improving "My Happy Place" I added yellow to the center and painted the lady some more. I keep fussing with it, I tried to make the light and shadows to show the light coming from the center. Does it make sense or just look strange? It is so much better than when I started (scroll down and see March 25th) its come a long way but still I keep wondering if it's complete.
or should I use this one for the contest at R&F Paints? They may like the anthopomorphic (big word) painting better. I could call it "Angel-Raven-Skeleton Man." Maybe I could submit both paintings. What do you think? This is a juried exhibition, Juror's Award $1000 dollars in R&F Paints, Director's Award $800 and Sponsors Award $800 paint. The art will show at the R&F Gallery and then move to Ball State University's Atrium Gallery. WoW I'm a little nervous I think the competition with the other encaustic artists is going to be tough, it would be nice to just be accepted, well no guts no glory i always say.

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