Sunday, May 20, 2007

Doing the Tourist Thing and When Freinds Leave

Saturday Star and I did the tourist thing we went to the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer and stopped at every garage and yard sale between there and Meadow Lakes. Star is leaving Alaska. People come from every state to Alaska statistically stay seven years and then go back to the lower 48. There are the granola types here for the fruity pebbles and bluegrass, the money lover types for the big bucks working in the oil industry, the outcast types hoping to hide from the world,the I wanna be a big fish in a little pond types and the adventurous types.
Star met a man and came here to be with him. Alas that relationship did not work out. Now it's time to return to a family that loves and misses her. Star is a medicine woman, Rikki master, and a massage therapist. I had carte blanche for massages and treatments any time. I am going to miss her. When we got home we repacked her car and then she was off looking optimistic and hopeful. I was crying its hard to see friends go when it's likely we will never see each other again.
Happy Trails STAR!