Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Out of the Box"


Next to the bus barn on the Palmer Wasilla Hwy.
5-7 pm June 9th (second Saturday)
Live Bluegrass Music
The Redheads
Come for the art and stay for the music

Credit for the flyer design art goes to Lindsey Shelley.


lisa lindholm said...

Hi Judy-
I just stumbled on your blog- and recognized your name! I don't know if you remember me- but I lived in Girdwood a couple of years ago and met you while hanging my paintings in GCVA. I just wanted to say hello- and I will definitely stop by your blog again.

Judy V. said...

Hi Lisa,
How sweet of you to stop in and read my blog. Where are you now?

lisa said...

I am in Dallas, Texas now and am painting full time. Hopefully, I will get to make it up to Girdwood before the summer is over- I miss the clean air!

Judy V. said...

Painting full time how wonderful!
It's hard to say away from Girdwood.
Best wishes to you!