Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plenn Air Painting

It's summer and time to paint outside plenn air so yesterday I met some friends at the Eagle River Nature Center to paint Plenn Air. The day was perfect.
I packed my french easel, my paints, supplies, ducktape, bug dope, a chair, my camera and my tripod, canvas, water, lunch and I bungied it all to a little old lady trolley and hiked to the first observatory, it looked ridiculous and I felt like a nut. Plenn air painting must be easier than all that! I unpacked everything and proceeded to paint. The hikers, tourists and the guided nature tour about 20 of them stopped chatted and observed. I quickly got the general picture roughed in and decided to pack it in, so I roll my art supplies to my car and go for a hike. Judas Priest what a pain in the ass.
Karen and I hiked to this yurt.
Now that's the way to go! I decided to reserve it for my birthday. I will backpack in spend the night and paint plenn air all day in nature with some privacy. I will grab some serenity and recharge my energy. How to get everything there I'll need a big red wagon. Just Kidding.

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