Thursday, June 14, 2007

This is how I feel - I'm not a rocket scientist

Sometimes I feel guilty and think that I am having too much fun painting, creating and making some money doing what I love. So I go out into the world and apply for regular jobs. Today I took a civil servant test. I did not pass it for the second time! WHAAAAS UUUP? I consider myself a person of above average intelligence. I'm confused,(what the hell does that mean I'm dumb?!). I've got looks, talent, and brains. WTF, LOL, so KMA XOXOXOXO :).


Walker said...

hey - don't worry - how many "civil servants" do you know who have any brains? You probably just overthought your answers. I used to go out and apply for jobs, too, but I finally decided that I am a professional artist and that's it. Robin

Judy V. said...

Yes Robin,
I am just about there. The questions seemed so easy. I was shocked when she said no pass. I'm sure God is trying to tell me something.

P.A. GIbbons said...

I think that the universe indeed is trying to tell you something, LOL!

Keep making art!!! patti

Judy V. said...

Thanks Patti for your encouragement.