Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dedicated To My Dad Burt on Fathers Day

Title: Crying Angel Statue
Medium: Oil Painting with Faux Copper Patina
Dimensions: 10" X 6" (with frame)
Artist: Judy Vars
Date: June 2007

Thursday while I was in Anchorage I stopped by the Salvation Army Thrift Store. This is how I get much of my junk err treasures for my artwork. I spied this off white frame and bought it for $4.50. I liked the classical design, pineapple finial and acanthus leaves. I had some faux paint to make a copper patina on any surface, given to me by Nikki before she left for Roswell. Then inspiration! Why not patina the frame green and paint a weathered angel statue to match. I took a nice angel photo last spring while visiting the city Cemetery in Charlotte, NC, so I used it to paint the bust of an angel statue. It turned out quite lovely although after 25 photographs in every light and setting, this picture is just ok. I can't seem to get the green patina on the frame to photograph, in life they match perfectly.

Art is an expensive undertaking and so I love using the things I can rummage and find to create beautiful one of a kind works of art. It gives me such satisfaction to make new and unique creations from the things others discard. I have trained all my friends save unusual things and give them to me for my art work. They are tickled when these objects find their way into my art.

I love you Daddy and hope I make you proud.

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