Saturday, June 09, 2007

Out of the Box and Raven Mockers

The show with Lindsey Shelley "Out of the Box" turned out great. Lots of people came and really, really seemed to enjoy the artwork. The weather was perfect which in Alaska means that people prefer to stay outside doing outdoor activities so the folks that came for the art and stayed for the bluegrass music are greatly appreciated. One person wrote in my guest book "Your works of art have a mind of their own." love it!

I took a commission for a smaller version of "Resplendent Resurrection" This piece was formerly called "Raven Skeleton Man." Yesterday while looking on the web at "spirit houses" for an idea I have simmering, I happened upon the Cherokee and Appalachian myth of the Raven Mockers. These are humanoid creatures that take on the appearance of ravens. Raven mockers will swoop in when someone is sick and dying and will beat them to death and steal the rest of their days. It is said sometimes the throes of death are actually the raven mockers beating them. The relatives of the sick person will post medicine men outside the door to keep these Raven Mockers from getting to the person before their time. It's weird that unconsciously I depicted a Raven Mocker. I suppose the reference to the raven mocker is a little too obscure to change it now.

I have this interesting raven skull that I was going to attach to the painting but decided against it. This one flew into my wood pile and broke his neck. I put the head into a bait trap and left it in the lake for a few months to let the fish and water bugs clean it up. Now I have this cool raven skull. The raven is a protected species and I shouldn't have any parts that is why I did not put it on the painting so Please don't tell anyone. Pleeeeeeeeze I'm begging you.------>

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P.A. GIbbons said...

Fascninating! I won't tell a soul if you don't tell anyone I have my ex's skull in my classroom and use it for still lifes. I tell them he is much more useful in death than he ever was in life. LOLOLOL. Kidding. xxxxxpatti